Entrepreneur Guidelines

In the past, whenever there was an inquiry, if that person can pay all investments in full for start up, we immediately let that new vendor in and be part of our roster.

Most of them did not last long for some reasons, like:

1. They haven't seen yet how Banchetto happens, they just plunged in because a friend or relative told them so to go and participate.

2. They panicked during their first set up. They don't know where to start and how to start their own stall. That is why, they were still setting up while all other vendors were already selling their foodstuff. On the average, new vendors finishes setting up their stall after an hour.

3. They were not aware of how to make their own table presentations. Banchetto market is I think has a different mood or taste for them to get attracted to a new vendor. Our customers are mostly "visual." They go around but they look at your food display from a distance. Therefore, visual presentations counts a lot.

4. They did not study well their food menu. I always believe in "different strokes for different folks!" Banchetto market is different from all other weekend market. What clicks in other market will not necessarily click in Banchetto.

Likewise, if you did not see for example menus like Goto & Arrozcaldo in Banchetto, will that mean you will get a market for it when you sell those? No my dear! Many have tried it in the beginning but since our market, goes to Banchetto to eat MEALS to their heart's delight, these type of food is not for Banchetto market.

5. We do not allow anyone to sell any type of STEAKS, CREPES, FRUITS and DRINKS anymore, or anything that is "liquefied into a drink" is also not allowed, that includes all drinks, water, juices, SCRAMBLE, halo-halo & similar desserts. ..so please do not include this in your menu.
Based on the above, we now require all those who wanted to be a part of our List of Vendors to please.. 

6. Observe, observe, observe.
The best time to observe is to be there at least 30 minutes before we officially open. In Banchetto FORUM, our vendors are only allowed to setup their stall at exactly 8pm. 

7. Check how the vendors can set up their stall in 5-10minutes only.
They have to because their customers are already in front of them starting to order the food they want to buy.

8. Stay for while.

Be a customer yourself! Experience the fun! Experience the bonding of friends or family! Experience eating at the middle of the street! Experience eating standing up if you were not able to get your dining table because all of the dining tables are already occupied!

This experience will be your own gauge when you become a vendor your self! How? By changing your shoes FROM a customer TO a vendor. So how did you get attracted to that stall where you bought your food? Were you satisfied on how they serve your food? Did you enjoy the food you ate?

These are the same questions that you have to address yourself when you become a vendor. How will you attract your future customers? how are you going to satisfy your customers so they will come back again and again and again to your stall?

10.So if you think you are ready to be our vendor, please drop by our INFORMATION BOOTH situated beside the Drinks station. We would love to discuss the details with you in person. 

See you all there!!! Thank you very much for all your love & support to BANCHETTO!

Updated as of August 30, 2013 (2:33pm)