Wednesday, January 11, 2012

BANCHETTO SMCUBAO celebrates the Chinese New Year's Eve on SUNDAY, January 22nd, with "A MONEY TECHNIQUE on HOW to ATTRACT PROSPERITY, ABUNDANCE, WEALTH, MONEY, MONEY & MORE MONEY into your life!"


The Chinese New Year for this year will be on Monday, January 23, 2012 which our President Noynoy declared as a public holiday! Why do you think he made it a holiday? Because I think he believe in the magic, in the power of the CHINESE NEW YEAR! What more, 2012, is The Year of the Water Dragon! A great year for most of us specially those in business!

Our BANCHETTO EMERALD started on a Chinese New Year, February 17, 2007 A Sunday then. We operate then from 2am until 12 noon Sunday. A question was raised by an officer of OCAI, "why will you have an event at the wee hours of the morning? Who will be your customers?" I answered her with, "ah, you didn't see what I saw!" We only had 14 vendors that time which grew to more than 120 vendors at the time we left the area in May 2011. This feat came into reality because of YOU, our faithful patrons who continuously support & love BANCHETTO. Maraming Salamat Po!

The Chinese New Year for us signifies 

On this regard, we would like to share some MONEY TECHNIQUE our family does every year during the eve of the CHINESE NEW YEAR. One reason why it became effective to us is because we BELIEVE in what we do. 

So why does the Chinese people
always have MONEY in their pocket? 

How come you cannot find a fresh Chinese graduate employed in a company but instead they start their own business right after school? Why is it that the Chinese normally owns his own building? Their own realty company, their own banks, their own hotels, not only in the Philippines but also around the world?

Because they believe in a MONEY TECHNIQUE they normally do at the eve of the CHINESE NEW YEAR!

On January 22, 2012, A Sunday, BANCHETTO SMCUBAO will celebrate the CHINESE NEW YEAR'S EVE at the 6th level parking area inside SM CUBAO. We will try to turn this area into something like The Little China fully decorated with Chinese Lanterns and Chinese New Year Trees, its very different from the Christmas Tree we normally use! Plus a DRAGON DANCE not only to entertain everybody but more of attracting PROSPERITY into one's life!

will be on sale at P150/kit on January 22nd at BANCHETTO SMCUBAO only compose of a pot, a red pen, an ampao, an incense, and a Chinese Wishing Paper specially made for this occasion!

Should you join us, please be there not later than 11pm because you have to write down all your WISHES first on the Chinese Wishing Paper, all spaces must be filled in, and must be all done by 11.45pm. An instruction will be given to all participants at 11.50pm on how the MONEY TECHNIQUE will become effective. By 12 midnight the DRAGON DANCERS start to dance and goes around the area. This MONEY TECHNIQUE is more of ATTRACTING PROSPERITY, WEALTH, ABUNDANCE, MONEY and MORE & MORE MONEY into one's life! 

Will it be effective? 

Just a suggestion:
It is better if each member of your family writes his own wishes, collective consciousness is more powerful than done by one member.

So are you ready to welcome THE YEAR OF THE WATER DRAGON on the EVE OF THE CHINESE NEW YEAR on January 22, 2012? 
PLEASE JOIN US & tell all your friends about it!

It is time to get ready for the Chinese New Year. This is the year of the most powerful animal in the Chinese Zodiac, the year of The Dragon. The Dragon is highly revered and respected in the Chinese culture. It is a mystical creature created by various animals such as the tiger, fish, snake and eagle which gives it magnificent power to accomplish a great deal. The Dragon is powerful, energetic, generous, wise, sensitive, honest, but be aware also short tempered and at times unpredictable. 

The year of the Dragon is a time to welcome longevity, wealth and prosperity and to release any negative energy from the past. Also be mindful this year brings, excitement, unpredictability, exhilaration and intensity. During this time many are in the mode of "Go for it!" but, be wise with the decisions you make. Do not throw all your commonsense out the window, for you may find yourself in unnecessary situations. Be open to change knowing it is always for the better and Go with the flow. This is a year to work hard and manifest your goals.

Thank you so much
for your continuous love & support, 

we really appreciate it all!