Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here is the specific place where we will hold our newest baby, the BANCHETTO-SM CUBAO at Araneta Center!

We will set up our tents right here in this walkway of SM, where BDO is now located, facing the call center companies like Telus & Apac. We will use the loading/unloading area downstairs as our grilling section & dining area. 
BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO at Araneta Center will be here from 10am-12midnight everyday from September 29 - October 2 during their mallwide sale to introduce BANCHETTO, which will become a regular event of SM.CUBAO starting the month of October!
One thing sure, ALL our FOOD VENDORS will make money if they join us here during these 4days event ... because... "SM.CUBAO do not have a Food Court and they are normally visited by at least 50,000 customers a day" during their mallwide sale. If these people gets hungry, where will they go to eat? 

Of course the only place they can eat several choices of freshly cooked food at very affordable prices will be in BANCHETTO! 

Our last day to accept Food Vendors for this event will be this coming Monday. Should you finally decided to join us & be our food vendor, please attend our orientation seminar about the Do's & Don'ts and all pertinent details about BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO@Araneta Center, on Monday, September 26, at 2pm 5th Floor Conference Room, GO HOTEL in Pioneer Street corner Edsa.

Thanks so much for all your continuous love & support!

Monday, September 19, 2011

"BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO@Araneta Center is NOW OPEN to accept NEW Food VENDORS!"

Our newest venue, 
at the Araneta Center 

We will hold our 
inside their veranda where Banco De Oro is located;
facing the buildings of call center companies
in Araneta Center during the mallwide sale on
September 29 to October 2
from 10am OVERNIGHT till 2am
for our awareness campaign that 
BANCHETTO is now part of SM CUBAO!

For interested parties, 
please see us in any of our current venues during BANCHETTO HOURS
you may also contact 0922.8800861 or 346.6833.
Please help us spread the news to everyone!
Thank you so much!

Which of the existing OVERNIGHT FOOD MARKET is the "THE REAL BANCHETTO?"

Which of the existing OVERNIGHT FOOD MARKET venue are 
THE REAL BANCHETTO events happen only in the following places: 
  1. BANCHETTO-SHOPWISE at Bagumbayan QC near the Eastwood City,
  2. BANCHETTO-FORUM at Pioneer,
  3. BANCHETTO-MEGATENT at Meralco Avenue Ortigas & very soon our newest venue will be in
  4. BANCHETTO-SM CUBAO at Araneta Center
All the rest that comes out using Italian words as title of their events are all "our copycats." Most of the time, these organizers have to say that what they were organizing was "BANCHETTO, which now become a brand name for all OVERNIGHT FOOD MARKET," so people will understand what they were into. On the positive side, every time they talk about BANCHETTO, good or bad it is still a free advertisement for us.
But on the negative side, people are now mislead as to where or which one is THE REAL BANCHETTO! It is here where we would like to make an appeal to the new organizers, we are not asking you not to organize, its a free market anyway, but please do not mislead people by saying that what you are organizing is another BANCHETTO.
So how do you know if it is THE REAL BANCHETTO? If you see LIZ JOSE, the organizer of the one & only, "BANCHETTO Overnight Food Market," seated at the INFO BOOTH during the event itself, beside the Drinks Station, then that is THE REAL BANCHETTO!
Should you need the right directions on how to get to BANCHETTO, please contact 0922.8800861 or 346.6833, we will be very glad to show you the right way to THE REAL BANCHETTO!

Thank you so much for all your continuous love & support, we really appreciate them all!


We will open a new venue in Araneta Center, 


for better advertisements we will be there during their mall wide sale

 this coming September 29 to October 2, from 10am till 2am the next day! 

Please help us spread the news to everyone.

 This is another milestone for BANCHETTO!

Anyone who wants to join as vendor of BANCHETTO-SMCUBAO, 

please visit us at any of our current venues. 

Thank you so much!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meet and Greet!

Meet some our Banchetto Entrepreneurs and their Staff.. 

You'll know who they are when you see them wearing their Banchetto Shirts..

These shirts are exclusively designed for our Entrepreneurs and their Staff :) 

For all Banchetto Lovers, 
Watch out for our Banchetto Statement Shirts...