Sunday, April 17, 2011

BANCHETTO-LIBIS at Shopwise, growing faster and attracting more attention!

Yes folks, our BANCHETTO-LIBIS is growing faster and attracting more attention, thanks so very much to everyone who have been supporting BANCHETTO throughout the years now!

These photos were taken last Tuesday Night, March 22nd, our 12th night in Shopwise-Libis. The officers and management of Shopwise is so very supportive and trying their best to help Banchetto become a success, thank you very much!

Our vendors have increased that is why there are now more freshly home cooked food to choose from! We also now have frequent customers who only visit for now our Libis branch.

Ang nakakatuwa, talagang makikita mo ang excitement sa mga mukha nila to see us there for the very first time, tapos babalik sila after an hour or two, buys more and... tags pa a friend whom she/he made the chismis to... that we exist in Shopwise!

There are more vendors coming in, this Tuesday Night...
See you all there!

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Looks Like BANCHETTO-FORUM is following the footsteps of BANCHETTO-EMERALD?

Looks like BANCHETTO-FORUM will be the next BANCHETTO-EMERALD in the making?

This is how our BANCHETTO-FOURM looks like now, every Wednesday & Thursday Nights from 8.30pm till 6am the next day! Wala na rin patid ang dating ng mga patrons at dinadayo na rin po ng kung saan saan pa sila nanggaling, just like in Banchetto-Emerald!

Maraming Maraming Salamat po sa lahat lahat ng tumatangkilik ng lahat ng venues ng BANCHETTO! We have one tonight in Forum, see you all there again!

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UPDATE: I was astonished to see the amazing patrons of BANCHETTO-EMERALD!

Last Friday, March 25th, we were permitted by the Barangay San Antonio to set up our tents earlier than the usual time. We finished early that's why we let our vendors in at around 11.15pm...

Since customers knew all the while that we normally open by 12midnight, not so many yet have noticed that Banchetto have opened na rin. But in a matter of about 10 to 15 minutes, people have started to flock in one by one, group by group... By 11.45pm, the "traffic of people" began, shoulder to shoulder... you can also hear cars beeping more & more trying to get inside the parking area fast so they can get hold on a dining table for their group...

These photos were taken at around 1am of March 26, 2011, at the designated Dining Area of Banchetto-Emerald.

I went there to check on our crews if they were on their posts. But I was astonished to see all the beautiful people occupying all of the tables we set up for their dining pleasures. Wow! Hindi ako makapaniwala pa rin how it all happen, napakadaming tao sitting there munching the food they bought, while making kwento at the same time bonding together!

This is just one part of the whole Banchetto-Emerald... there are still lots and lots of them lined up through the food stalls waiting to be served... there are also lots and lots of people who were not able to get a table for their group... and lots and lots of them who just sat anywhere so they can eat the food they bought...

BANCHETTO loves you all, maraming maraming salamat po sa pagmamahal at suporta!

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