Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We got you a Seasons Holiday Gift - "BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO finally opens this week... please read on!"

Do wishes come true?

Almost all of my wishes came true.
The latest of which is the BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO!

When we first had a stint in SM.CUBAO during their mall-wide sale last October, most of our vendors were happy because majority of them had at least P50K/day sales. Someone even got an P80K/day sales.

Since then a lot of requests were received that we should have a weekly BANCHETTO in SM.CUBAO! Their officers told us to wait for some more time, because they were still working for the permit, for us to operate there regularly, from the executive level of both SM & Araneta Center.

Until we received a call from them last Friday afternoon before we went to Megatent. SM wants us to start immediately. WOW!

The place we had the last time was small to accommodate our customers. The dining area was downstairs, the customers had a hard time going up & down. The space where the customers walk was also small. So there was traffic on every stall because those who buy food already covers the area where the other customers passes.

That is why we requested for another area in SM CUBAO where we can place all the vendors all together so that the customers can go around & take a look at all the food stalls. This way all of them will have a fair chance to sell their food products. At the same time we can place the dining area within reach of all the stalls around.

One SURE THING in this area is that, no one gets wet when it rains.
BANCHETTO will be held at the 6th level parking area of SM CUBAO.

There is an elevator provided for those parked before this level.
For now they only charge P35 flat rate parking fee.

BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO will be held on the following schedules 
for the next 2 weeks during the Holiday Season, at the 6th level parking area from 6pm OVERNIGHT until 3am the next day:


  1. December 21, Wednesday
  2. December 22, Thursday
  3. December 23, Friday
B. Before NEW YEAR 
  1. DECEMBER 26, Monday
  2. December 27, Tuesday
  3. December 28, Wednesday
  4. December 29, Thursday
  5. December 30, Friday
By January, 2012 BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO will be held regularly at the same area, every SATURDAY & SUNDAY nights from 6pm OVERNIGHT until 3am the next day.

We need your support on our newest baby, please help us disseminate this information to everyone. YES, THE LONG WAIT IS NOW OVER!

Should you be interested or you have a friend who is interested, to be one of our vendors in SM CUBAO, please attend our orientation seminar on Monday, December 19th, at 2pm or 4pm 5th floor Conference Room, Go Hotel in pioneer street corner edsa. We will discuss all details during the meeting.

For me, BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO could be our next emerald/shopwise/forum/megatent rolled into one in the very near future. Definitely there will be "start up pains" but more of "GROWTH WINS" immediately right after!

Come February, 2012 starts the 6th year of BANCHETTO, and what a great way of looking up for our next 5 years because BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO comes with it together with BANCHETTO-SHOPWISE, BANCHETTO-FORUM & BANCHETTO-MEGATENT!

To all our vendors, I said this before and I will say it again, "I highly recommend BANCHETTO-SM.CUBAO to all who wants to earn more profits!"

Thank you so much for all your love & continuous support!