Tuesday, November 8, 2011

UPDATES on Make a Wish this 11-11-11...

Thank you for the OVERWHELMING response for our 11-11-11 event. We received over 1500 emails/reservations in 24 hours. We are only limited to release 1000 Wish Lantern on that night for we have to consider everyone's safety too. For those who will not be accommodated, feel free to join us and experience the release of the Wish Lanterns!

We already sent out our reply to the first 850 emails we received. Reservations will only be confirmed once they have deposited the payment otherwise it will be forfeited. If some of the 850 email recipients were not able to pay on time, we'll sell the excess lanterns on Friday night at Banchetto Megatent.

Please forgive us if until now you have not received any email from us. Again, ALL WISH LANTERNS HAVE BEEN RESERVED ALREADY. We only have 1000 Wish Lanterns for this event for we have to consider the area & everyone's safety. The reserved lanterns should be paid by Thursday. Should we have Lanterns left unpaid, we will sell them on Friday night 8-10pm at Banchetto Megatent for FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. 

Banchetto events has NO ENTRANCE FEE.. Please still join us on Friday night even without lanterns.. it will be an enchanting experience!!! 

Thank you very much for the continuous support!