Sunday, November 13, 2011

From your Banchetto team..

There are things that one must opted to do so that more will benefit from it. 

Yes folks, we did what we think was the best thing to do last night. Please accept our sincere apology to everyone who found time, hurdled the traffic, did everything just to be there last night. We did not intend to disappoint anyone. But when we had the last minute meeting yesterday with the management of Megatent & the Barangay official, we saw the potential danger it may entail should we push through with the activity. 

This activity was actually intended to attract the right chi or positive energy, the scene that will illuminate the sky is just secondary. What is more important for us was that wish one can do last night because it is 11-11-11, a once in a life time thing, hoping that with that wish made specially on that night, a transformation may happen in one's life. As i gathered, on the 11-11-11, based on chinese feung shui, means that the heaven and the earth will balance and eventually become just one. 

For us, this is the main reason why last night was a very important night. If you have made a wish last night, just believe that it will come true, cause it will! 

Please accept also our gratitude to everyone who made it there last night, amidst the traffic, the hot weather, the siksikan, thank you very much! Again, we did not expect those number of people would show up. We respect all your opinions about us, we have nothing against you. Good words, bad words, it doesn't matter, still we are very happy that you were safely brought home. 

Thank you!