Sunday, July 31, 2011

BANCHETTO Latest Update: "Starting on August 5, the first FRIDAY of August, 2011, our BANCHETTO-MEGATENT will now be held every FRIDAY nights only, from 8pm OVERNIGHT, till 7am Saturday."

Back in emerald, there were lots of families who requested that we also hold a Saturday BANCHETTO nights so they can bring along their children. We were not able to oblige then because, OCAI only gave us one night to hold BANCHETTO and that was every Friday night.

When we decided to look for a new home after 4 nights of absence in emerald(because there was no guaranty anymore that we can still be able to come back due to political issues & interests by the local barangay), and found the Megatent, we not only decided to move our Friday BANCHETTO nights, but also consider that old time request to hold Saturday BANCHETTO nights for families. Thus, on July 1 & 2, we began our Friday & Saturday nights in Megatent.

Our Friday BANCHETTO nights in Megatent is a big hit! 
We took off on our 5th Friday night there, with so many people who came by to experience again the BANCHETTO they missed so much on Friday nights. Almost half of the visitors we used to have in emerald were there in Megatent!

We tried to inform everyone about our Saturday BANCHETTO nights in Megatent also, but to this time, the people who visit us on Saturday nights, though it increases in number each week, is very much less as compared on Fridays. 

Since the rate we pay Megatent are the same on both nights, we also charge our vendors same rates on both nights, even though they only earn on Friday nights. We began to notice that those who come on Friday nights do not go back on Saturday nights & vice versa. In short, our customers were divided into 2 groups, for 2 nights. 

Our vendors cannot sustain their business if they will continue losing money on 1 night. The money earned on Friday was used & consumed on Saturday. That does not spell good business at all!

Last night we got an approval from the management of Megatent that we can now hold BANCHETTO there on Friday nights only. We have decided to develop first our Friday nights, and should there will be more requests to add one more night, then that will be the time to have our Saturday nights in the future!

So starting on August 5, the first FRIDAY of August, 2011, our BANCHETTO-MEGATENT will now be held "every FRIDAY nights only," from 8pm OVERNIGHT, till 7am Saturday. We are again seeking for your continuous support to please spread the news to everyone about this development.

MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO, for all your love & support, we really appreciate them all!

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