Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"When is the RIGHT TIME to become a BANCHETTO Entrepreneur?"

Starting a new location or venue for BANCHETTO is the hardest part of it all. Why? Because not everyone knows that BANCHETTO has opened in that area. So Awareness Campaign must be set into place. How? We have to assure everyone who already saw us when they pass by the venue, that BANCHETTO will always be there at the new venue week after week as scheduled, with a little or without customers at all, at any weather conditions, rain or shine. Not that easy, right?

In short, we start by planting seeds. As a customer sees us, he/she will tell a friend/relative/associate about our new venue, who normally goes to Banchetto on our next schedule in that venue. After which, he/she does the same as the former, tell a friend/relative/associate about his/her discovery. The same thing happen again as the previous, until a lot of people now knew about Banchetto in that venue.

Those food vendors whom the customers saw on their first visit to Banchetto, will be the same food vendors they will refer to, to their friends/relates/associates. These vendors joined us on our first night, and they are the same vendors who have the most number of customers no matter how many more vendors have joined BANCHETTO! In short, they are the same vendors who plant the seeds with us, therefore, as we make our harvests, these vendors made their harvests as well! Oh yes, we both cling to the same formula of success, it is called PATIENCE!

When is the RIGHT TIME to become a BANCHETTO Entrepreneur?
The best time to become a BANCHETTO Entrepreneur is during the START-UP of any BANCHETTO location or venue!

  • all vendors are on equal footing, everyone begins by creating his/her new market in that venue
  • the rental rates and all other fees are on introductory price
  • the best slots are available
  • we normally give referral commissions only to current vendors, for every vendor referral made

has just started last Friday, June 10th,
so what are you waiting NOW?
Yes, my dearest, a lot of business starters
saw something profitable about BANCHETTO! 
It is the place 
dare to start his/her own business!
For interested parties, 
please attend our BANCHETTO Orientation Seminar 
every Tuesday at 8pm in BANCHETTO-LIBIS, 
every Wednesday at 10pm in BANCHETTO-FORUM,every Friday at 11pm in BANCHETTO-MEGATENT

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