Thursday, June 9, 2011

We have to make a decision. We will begin "BANCHETTO-MEGATENT!"

It has been four (4) Fridays since we last had BANCHETTO-EMERALD. May7th, to be exact, was our last Friday, lahat naging malungkot, lahat nagulat, lahat hindi makapaniwala.

The rift was between OCAI & Barangay San Antonio. BANCHETTO, a project of OCAI, as we heard it from one of their Kagawad, became the "collateral damage" of such differences between the two.

We tried to look for a temporary hub so that our regular patrons & new visitors will still have a chance to experience BANCHETTO even in a different location. Robinson's Forum gladly obliged to our request and gave us three (3) Fridays, May14, 21, & 28, to extend our BANCHETTO-FORUM, not only on regular Wednesday & Thursday Nights but also on a Friday Night for 3 consecutive weeks. Some of our vendors in BANCHETTO-EMERALD became our guest vendors in BANCHETTO-FORUM during those 3 Fridays we were temporarily adopted by Robinsons.

But we can only be there for 3 Fridays.

There was no definite response from OCAI as to our position. The Barangay San Antonio is waiting for the Captain to arrive from USA after 4 weeks. Yes folks, we are floating in the air, because nothing is definite whatsoever up to this moment.

We have to do something. The vendors' energy to fight for it is dwindling. The energy is getting lower each week. There is also a possibility, that our patrons may not wait anymore & look for an alternative place to go to.

We have to make a decision from our end. We believe in the principle of "momentum of continuity," kapag pinatagal pa ang paghihintay, BANCHETTO may be gone with the wind!

Finally we looked for a place very near Emerald Avenue, very near Ortigas Center. A place we can call our own, and cannot be interfered anymore by the so called "authorities,"(I wish they could help us instead because we are not a nuisance to the city, in fact we are helping the city itself! The vendors are small entrepreneurs trying to have a decent living, trying to stand on their own feet without asking any monetary help from the government. These vendors have fed many mouth by employing a lot crew members, most of whom are the poor people in their neighborhood, to help them out in their business) whose interest is not really for the common good of everyone but for their own hidden agenda. Sorry about that segway, I just want to blurt it out of my skin.

Yes we have decided to relocate BANCHETTO-EMERALD in the meantime.

We will begin BANCHETTO-MEGATENT. For the remaining 3 weeks of the month of June(10th, 17th & 24th), we will be there every Friday Night only from 9pm OVERNIGHT till 7am Saturday. But beginning in July, BANCHETTO-MEGATENT will be every Friday & Saturday Nights from 9pm OVERNIGHT till 7am the next day.

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