Monday, May 30, 2011

BANCHETTO-LIBIS on our 4th month!

BANCHETTO-LIBIS, our newest baby, has improved a lot more since we started in January this year 2011! Please take a look at the recent photos taken in Libis. Super dami na ang tao ngayon doon!

We are located inside the front parking area of Shopwise in Libis, where there are no call centers inside the compound. I would say, it is something that we don't normally do in our other venues, in which call center companies are just a walking distance from around the area. Most of the call center companies in Libis area are inside the premises of Eastwood City, medyo malayo na ng konti kung lalakarin.

This is what really amazed me. In Libis, our patrons starts from families, employees, passersby, grocers of Shopwise, sports enthusiasts, but only minimal at this point in time from the call center companies. This signals one thing, we can now put up Banchetto anywhere and not necessarily within the reach of our most loved patrons, the people from the call center.

Still I would be much happier if those frequent patrons who works in Eastwood City and anywhere within the area would also go to our Banchetto-Libis very soon! Yan ang lambing ko sa inyo... 

To our loyal patrons who goes from one venue to another venue of Banchetto... maraming maraming salamat po... love din po namin kayo lahat!

The closest to our heart are all the people from the call center. Sila ang nag-umpisa ng word-of-mouth marketing for Banchetto... sa inyong lahat super super (or major major) salamat... you are one of the reasons bakit lumaki ng ganito ang Banchetto... love na love namin kayo lahat!

See you all again in BANCHETTO!

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