Sunday, April 17, 2011

BANCHETTO-LIBIS at Shopwise, growing faster and attracting more attention!

Yes folks, our BANCHETTO-LIBIS is growing faster and attracting more attention, thanks so very much to everyone who have been supporting BANCHETTO throughout the years now!

These photos were taken last Tuesday Night, March 22nd, our 12th night in Shopwise-Libis. The officers and management of Shopwise is so very supportive and trying their best to help Banchetto become a success, thank you very much!

Our vendors have increased that is why there are now more freshly home cooked food to choose from! We also now have frequent customers who only visit for now our Libis branch.

Ang nakakatuwa, talagang makikita mo ang excitement sa mga mukha nila to see us there for the very first time, tapos babalik sila after an hour or two, buys more and... tags pa a friend whom she/he made the chismis to... that we exist in Shopwise!

There are more vendors coming in, this Tuesday Night...
See you all there!

For more photos please click HERE

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